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Swim Paws owners are passionate about dogs and have had them for many years. 


Why swimming? Well, all of our dogs have been water babies - 2 Labradors, an Alaskan Malamute, our 2 current German Shepherds and Labrador - so we decided to open a place where owners can bring their dogs to a safe, warm, friendly environment where they can reap the health benefits of a swim without having to worry about water quality, cleaning up the mess once you get home, standing on a freezing river bank in winter and risking an upset tummy from the beach (not to mention all that sand in the house). 


Swimming is a fantastic way for dogs of all ages to stay fit and healthy and we want you and your dog to have a really positive experience with us and as such, we will treat your dog like one of our own. Not every dog is a natural water baby and not every dog will enjoy the high velocity dryers so we will take it at the pace that your dog feels comfortable with. If that means a bit of extra encouragement in the form of some yummy treats (with your permission) or with a toy then that’s what we’ll do! 

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