Swim Paws Canine Fitness

Our Pool

Our pool is 5 metres in length by 2 metres wide and has a depth of 1.2 metres so is ideal for all breed sizes. It is heated to a pleasant 32°C by a 3kw heater and has two 3hp pumps creating a counter current from 4 fully adjustable jets. To maintain water quality there is a floating chlorinator as well as a sand filter and fur catcher membrane. The slip safe ramp and steps make entering and exiting the pool easy and safe for both dogs and people. All dogs will be provided with buoyancy aids and will be accompanied by one of us whilst in the water at all times. 


Once the swimming time is over, your dog will be thoroughly washed and rinsed to remove any treated water from their coat and skin. After being towelled off, we have a high velocity dryer which will drastically reduce drying time and enable you to take home a clean and dry dog in no time.